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Have Some Manners... MAN UP!!

There is nothing more disgusting then someone with no manners. I realize that we live in a society that has changed, evolved and become more corrupt. Social media, pornography, the sexualization of younger men and women, etc… I am not here to harp on society saying it is all bad, but simply point out the need to re-teach our young men and women manners.

For the purpose of this topic, I am specifically speaking about men. Where do young men learn manners? Where can they learn manners?

1. From home… the primary education and molding of any man should come from home.

2. From school… there is not much practical knowledge and/or skills being taught in modern-day school, but manners are one thing (how to be a gentleman) that should be brought back in

Here are some of the most important manners that ALL MEN should learn and use daily:

  1. Chew with your mouth closed

  2. Look someone in the eye when talking

  3. Say "no thank you"

  4. Say "yes please"

  5. Say THANK YOU often

  6. One hand on the table when you eat

This list could go on but those are a few simple ones. The purpose of these six manners are to focus on the development of a gentleman.

“Have a WARRIOR mindset with a loving heart.”

- Coach Mark Wine

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