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How To Be On TIME... Man Up!!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

On time is late, 5 minutes before is on time... some might even argue 5 minutes before is late, but my point is be a man of time. When you arrive late to a meeting you are showing that person you do not respect their time....

Here are a few starters tips:

1. Keep a schedule… the more organized you are with your schedule the easier it is for you to be on time.

2. Be prepared & ready at least 5 minutes before… it you have a start time of 1:00pm you should be ready at 12:55pm. If you plan out your time to be there start at the actual start time you are setting yourself up to be late. At minimum, you should be prepared 5 minutes before the actual start time. Planning to be ready ahead will ensure you are prompt both mentally and physically.

3. Arrive 15 minutes before… to build off point two you have to make sure you are on location 15 minutes ahead. This will provide you with the time to do whatever is required to be ready to start 5 minutes ahead of your actual start time. Start setting your “arrival” times 15 minutes ahead so you are always punctual!!!

4. Learn to say "no"… the biggest lesson all young men should learn is how to prioritize their time. We often get ambitious and put too many things on our plate, which creates unneeded chaos. Instead, choose to place value on everything and all value should start with “your time” since you will never get it back.

5. Prioritize everything on your schedule… this doesn’t mean everything is the same but rather create a hierarchy of what really needs to get done first. The two best measurements, regarding value, is your time and is worth monetarily. Regardless, if you learn to prioritize your schedule you will always be punctual.

“Each minute gone is a minute you will never get back, so value it.”

- Coach Mark Wine

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