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How to Have SUCCESS in LIFE… Stay Focused & Thrive

I often wonder what is the most distracting thing in life, is it pleasures? Or is it the things of short-term gains that lead to long-term misery? I recognize that there is not solution to removing pleasures from your life, nor should you, but being able to choose and not react to when you engage in short term pleasures, is where life is won!

Self-discipline is vital in life, and there is no more important time then when to avoid short-term pleasures by beginning with saying no to anything that doesn’t have long-term benefit! In truth, the principles of life that should be recognized:


Understanding that life is an ongoing ever-changing experience, you can better understand that there is no reason to feel sorrow or allow sorrow to take over your life. This is simply a choice, something that you perceive within your own mind. If you can acknowledge that life is never permanent and when you reach a belief that you have found your ideal life, things will change. Life is never ending, in fact, it always continues! Therefore, there is no reason to ‘hang your hat’ on any change or loss in life, for it can only lead to failure and depression.

Do not dwell in sorrow nor complaint because the world operates beyond our control. We can merely control our energy field that surrounds us while attracting, manifesting, the ideals, passions and purpose of your life. If you set in place a goal, a target, then you can achieve anything while maintaining strict standards for self-discipline! Do not allow yourself to fall prey to lust, love, pleasure, pain, glory or success! ‘The Way’ is to remain neutral to emotions, recognizing that they are the way of nature and therefore should be embraced but, they should not be acted upon unless you have been able to remove yourself for a period of time to allow for ‘reason’ to be your guiding star of your decision!


Stop surrounding yourself around individuals and/or environments that do not align with your mindset, your life’s path, the way! It is vital to cultivate inner resilience to ‘whatever happens’ in life by fostering a mindset capable of finding contentment with any situation. Remember, it is all within that guides your life. Find satisfaction within yourself. Miyamoto Musashi talks about ‘being indifferent to where you live,’ which is a perfect example of recognizing that inner contentment without attachment to your living quarters. Additionally, he stresses the importance of not finding attachment to food nor possessions, particularly ones that you no longer use. Live within and not without! Travel light and remove yourself of the burdens of life’s possessions. To live a minimalist lifestyle, you can foster your mindset, your habits, to serve your long-term goals while acting steps every day.


This is an ongoing struggle and a daily continuance that one must live. Adopt focus through:

1.    Remove need for External Pleasures

2.    Go with the flow… life changes constantly

3.    Do not hold on to sorrow… let pain & loss go!

4.    Pay attention to your environment… keep it positive and filled with good energy!


Prosperity and peace of mind is not found in money, it is found in contentment within!

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