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LEARN HOW TO EAT… a casual discussion on practical tips for successful nutrition

On October 21, 2022, I spoke casually with people who were looking to improve their nutrition, specifically their own choices.

My goal was to have a simple conversation regarding practical tips on nutrition… that is was not overly complicated but rather casual and more practical! Keeping it informal was on purpose!

Prior to me answering the questions I felt obliged to share with them my 5 Principles of Nutrition that I have created from individuals throughout my career seeking Nutritional advice on learning how to eat! These principles are easy to understand and will drastically alter your eating habits, your physique and your health!!

Principles of Nutrition

1. Protein Protein Protein… 1:1 is minimum

The principle is based on one of the most common shortcomings of most people’s eating habits and trend, which is not eating enough protein. I used to calculate the amount of protein necessary in one’s daily life in kilograms per pound of weight before switching to a more simplified approach. That approach is a baseline of 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. By following this method, you will put yourself in a state of cellular growth (anabolic) thus increasing lean mass (muscle) while burning more fat. I break this topic down further in my Nutrition Talk!

2. Added Sugar Fast… 15 days can change your life

The second most common flaw in nutrition is eating too much sugar. In truth, modern food is packed with what I call hidden sugar because it is in food that you wouldn’t expect (well at least the normal human). So, principle two focuses on eliminating added excess sugar with an immediate 15-day fast from added sugar, fructose as much as possible too! With excess sugar people are developing type 2 diabetes and are becoming insulin resistant! Basically, your cell can’t interact with insulin. When this happens, you will not have much success with losing weight! By doing a 15-day cleanse of sugar (preferably fructose too) you can help kick start and potentially reset your system. Did I mention sugar is highly inflammatory and feeds disease??? I break this topic down further in my Nutrition Talk!

3. Eat more NOT less… #1 flaw of losing weight

Finally, someone had to say it!! In truth, this is a major problem in ‘diets’ today, people learn to hate food and choose to eat less not more. Ok ok ok, I will admit, you can’t just eat whatever and however much you want!! My point, when you starve yourself or only eat once per day you shut your metabolic rate down and start burning less. Our bodies are intelligent and when you starve your body it will end up slowing down your metabolic rate and begin storing all calories that enter in the body! I break this topic down further in my Nutrition Talk.

4. Choose Whole Foods… snacks are mini-meals

Chose whole foods as in real food, not packaged foods. Forming eating habits around real food and not some chips or other junk food will make a huge difference in your health, energy and physique. Creating habits built around food is something that will transcend generations too! When you are thinking of snacks just think of balanced mini-meals. Packaged foods have more endocrine disrupting chemicals in general (cancer, Alzheimer’s et…) when compared to their real food counterpart. Principle Four is all about sustainable practices that hold you accountable! I break this down further in my Nutrition Talk.

5. Accountability to your choices… start a food journal or find a TRUTH teller!

I call it the anti-dopamine effect! Writing our or digitally logging all of your food and activities each day (food log) will force you to hold yourself accountable! The anti-dopamine effect is when you have to write something down that you do not want to write down because you know it is a bad choice.

Every bad choice leaves you feeling a little guilt and will force you to move away from making that choice. In our current time food is practically poison, causing inflammation and destruction in the body; however, every one of us has a choice to make, either choose healthy or choose death. Be accountable to you and recognize that all the POWER TO CHANGE lies within you. So, make the choice to be healthy, be fit and be amazing! I break this down further in my Nutrition Talk.

The principles of nutrition allow me to guide people in nutrition at a highly successful rate. Through a simplified approach to nutrition I coach people to be able to make their own choices while not being force to be on a super restrictive diet. It was my goal through this casual Nutrition Talk that each viewer gains insight in to how to make nutrition work for them!

Enjoy the show, stay tuned for more content, like and subscribe, share this blog and THANK YOU for the support!


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