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To Be Successful You Must do this Daily!

To Be Successful You Must do this Daily!

By Mark Wine CSCS, BA

One of the most important things in life that you need to work on is yourself, daily, which is required to be successful. Daily work will vary and it should be different for each individual. For one, it might be listening to motivational speeches. For another, it might be reading a daily devotional every morning. Other examples might be reading / writing things that inspire them each day and meditating, at the end of the night, to reflect on what they could have done better…

“The single greatest investment one can make in life is on them self.”

Regardless of the techniques used or what is required to be inspired, it is important that every individual learns to work on themselves daily as they see fit. Again, those techniques can change but the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity must remain. The only way that this can be achieved is if one is disciplined, which is built over time.

It takes 90 days to make something a habit, but I say it only takes one day, and that is when the decision is made to redirect your life towards your purpose, your dreams, your goals.

Here are some of the ways that I do on a daily basis:

Goal Setting

I set forth goals, an aim at life, that I can clearly follow. My aim at life is something that I feel passionate about and that I am able to visualize during times of reflections, affirmations and meditations. I choose to read and visualize my aim on a daily basis, preferably in the morning and night.


I enjoy listening to motivational speeches and reading life rules from legendary ancestors. The Samurai, the Spartans and many more legendary cultures are on my motivational list. Their rules of life and mission are what inspires me the most.

Daily Reflection

Every day I evaluate how productive my day went.

"A purposeless life is a life not worth living."

If you want to change your life it starts with finding a purpose… and if you want to be successful in life then you need to be consistent at working towards your purpose every day. My evaluation process helps me reaffirm my purpose by grading, if you will, how I worked towards my goals throughout day. Any problem areas that come up during reflection I immediately visualize myself doing it in a more positive way. I usually visualize and evaluate during meditation, which takes place at the end of the night and first thing in the morning.

Success is most commonly measured by how much money one makes; however, I have found that success more aligns with one’s fulfillment in life. Money is important and a necessary good in our modern-day society but money should not be your primary driver. Instead, define your purpose and passion first, then determine how you can make a lot of money from that.

“The single greatest investment one can make in life is on them self.”

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