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7 Principles to Avoid Being SOFT!!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

“You were not BORN soft… you were RAISED soft… you choose to be SOFT.” Hahaha right??? Wrong, it is not funny. I am not trying to be a hard a*^ but I am trying to be honest. Our society is breeding incompetent young people who struggle with the challenge of life. They struggle with hardships and even worse, they struggle with finding a purpose.

Softness always starts with one small decision about not doing something that is inconvenient because of the following excuses…

  • It’s going to be hard!

  • It’s going to take a lot of work!

  • It’s in the way of something you want to do!

  • It’s going to inflict pain!

  • It’s not going to allow me to do what I want to do right now!

Have you heard these excuses before? What about from that little voice in your head who is turning you in to a coward?!?!

The VOICE inside of your own head is the only limitation you have in life. if you want to be great (successful) then you have to embrace the struggles of life. Look in the mirror every day and ask yourself what you are willing to do to reach success (which I define as progressing towards an aim at life). You must become obsessed with that specific definition of “success” and from there love the process, focus on the process and embrace the sacrifice of the process. If you are not willing to sacrifice short term pleasures for long term games, which is what is required to reach the level of success, then you need to change your goals.

1. You think the GAME is when you need to GRIND… it is the training(s) in the dark when no one is looking at you that separate you from the sheep. Choose to embrace training, the overall process, and not the outcome. Be process driven, not outcome driven.

2. You LIVE through someone else’s success… stop living through your FAVORITE athlete, or sports team, while you sit on your couch GETTING FAT eating chips. These “role models” don’t care about you so stop letting them dictate your LACK in life! Choose to make your life a great life by embracing challenging things in order to invest in your overall worth.

3. You can’t tell yourself NO… step away from the cookie jar and go eat some chicken. Choosing to embrace temporary pleasures will only pile up future pain, eventually that PAIN will manifest in your life in a MASSIVE way! Make yourself a disciplined individual by practicing saying no to temporary pleasures!!

4. You SLEEP in… stop saying you are tired when YOU are making yourself tired… wake up early and get working towards your aim at life. A great morning routine would be affirming your direction in life, exercising physically or mentally, and then eating something healthy for breakfast! The way you start your day can dictate the man or woman you want to be!

5. You are ALWAYS judging others telling them what they NEED to do… but you never look in the mirror and evaluate yourself. When you are hyper critical of others you will never be honest with your shortcomings. Learn to be your most honest critic, but do it in a constructive way and not a “you suck” kind of a way. Everyone struggles in life but the successful recognize that the ‘struggle’ is only temporary and it will always lead to good times! Look for solutions to every problem and lessons to every failure!

6. You are ALWAYS thinking the things you say “no” to are things you will miss out on… that is a short-sided viewpoint and it NEEDS to change. Every choice, no matter what, you will be making a SACRIFICE. When you sacrifice your time, which is the most valuable commodity, in order to benefit from a short-term pleasure you are sacrificing long term success. Evaluate each decision with your aim at life (purpose) to determine if it is a “yes” or a “no” activity.

7. You accept a participation award… congratulations you did what everyone else did!! Or wait, congratulations you did what you were supposed to do!! If you want an award do something extraordinary, do something you earned!! Participation awards preach mediocrity and set up everyone for failure! Stop celebrating things that aren't exceptional and you will become exceptional!!

Everybody is talking about how hard they work… how they are going to move to the NEXT LEVEL… how they are going to kill it and be successful… but in reality, less than 1% are going to do the ACTUAL work that is required to be SUCCESSFUL. Are you going to fall in the 1% or will you stay in the 99%???

“Softness is a condition that can only be cured through PAIN and HARD WORK.”

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