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Why AREN’T you watching GYM FAILS Reactions?

How many times have you watched someone do something and wonder to yourself, what in the hell were you thinking?!?! Well Coach Wine and Will Johnson of Here and Now Films decided to sit down and watch a few ‘gym fails’ while providing our organic reactions to the actions of these people.

Along the way we uncovered unique reactions from each video that involved massive gym fails, which includes some of background super stars. More importantly, Coach Wine breaks down some of the movements to figure out if there is a purpose in performing these activities or if it was simply for social media likes!

Regardless of the gym fail reactions the background characters, like the Mr. Clean Karate Master, stole the show for us on many of the videos. As you watch our gym fail reactions pay attention to the background characters and let us know which ones are your favorites?? Or comment and let us know which video that we watched was your favorite video.

Each week Coach Wine and Will will be watching more videos while including our organic reactions to gym fails. Check back in, subscribe, comment and like the videos!! The question I leave you with is this… do you have the stomach to get through the whole show?!?! Or is it too painful for you to stomach…

Thank you for reading and thank you for watching Episode #1!!



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