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How to be a Warrior Amongst Men

Being Physically STRONG and FIT is pointless if you are MENTALLY weak... but chances are you will find that if you are physically strong you will become, you are, MENTALLY STRONG!! Mental strength is the key in life….

“Be weary of the man who remains calm in chaos… for he is the most dangerous.”

I can’t understand how we have allowed males to become soft and, well frankly, weak! The greatest form of preparation is to push yourself through difficult circumstances on a daily basis. Through physical training you can develop a Teflon mindset that is willing and able to handle any circumstance. Honing in on skills is great, but if your mindset is weak, forget about it! Physical preparation results in mental preparation, you can’t have one without the other. In a world filled with conflict and lack of value in human life, the best way to stay prepared is through physical preparation.

“Never has a warrior drifted from the daily pursuit of being exceptional.”

I have never met a warrior that wasn’t willing to sacrifice it all for something they value. Their singular aim in life is to live legendary, when compared to those who think of themselves as their equal; yet, the warrior knows they have no equal. When a warrior walks in to a room they know with absolute certainty that they are the Top Alpha in the room. As confident as they are the warrior will always remain humble.

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the Humble.”

Remaining calm, cool and collected in all situations is a direct result of their preparations. A warrior is not cocky nor boastful, instead, they are the hardest and most prepared in every situation. Training for a warrior is not a choice but rather a necessity for their mentality. To be the most prepared in every situation and to have the ability to unleash violence when absolutely necessary is a warrior’s characteristic. This character trait is why they remain calm, cool, and collected in the most chaotic situations. They keep a level head, showing no anxiousness, while remaining posed to strike at any time…

“The difference between greatness & mediocracy is a choice.”

How does the warrior reach this pinnacle state of mind??? Simple, through daily preparation by way of suffering and discomfort. A man who is a warrior has prepared himself by engaging in daily challenges and struggles. He has suffered emotional pain, physical anguish, financial strife and the burden of responsibility. Some of these sufferings are just a part of life, while others are a purposeful choice with a direct intent. Regardless of the meaning, daily training is required so that he may walk in to every room with the energy of the top Alpha.

“Have a warrior’s mentality… with a loving heart.”

No matter how crazy our modern-day society gets, let me be clear, MEN are not meant to be feminine!! Feminizing men promotes weakness while creating a dangerous society to live in. Men must have “a warrior’s mentality with a loving heart.” When a man can achieve this mantra, they become both caring and dangerous. A man should be a gentleman in nearly all situations, particularly around women. However, when men need to be dangerous they should always have the ability to do so. When called upon, the warrior spirit must show itself.




"Softness is a condition that can only be cured through pain & hard work"


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