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Outdoors is the SECRET... Man Up!!

There is something about humans and the need to be outside, away from technology, to disconnect from the modern-day lifestyle we live in. So, whether you are an avid #outdoorsman who hunts, fishes, camps, etc... Or a more rural man living in the suburbs or a city, there is a drastic need to limit video games, computers, phones and television each day. There is a drastic need to reset and spend more time outside doing various other activities.

The Sioux tribe, a tribe of some of the greatest warriors, stated that individuality and initiative are more successfully developed in "the outdoor man." Individualism allows you to make your own decisions while being less influenced by the collective. If we evaluate our current times we will find mass psychosis surrounding tribalism of groups, which stems from a feeling of NEED to fit in. However, if we analyze our #ancestors we realize that individuality creates security while still allowing for freedom. The more men move away from being an outdoorsman the more separation they will feel from themselves (not good). On the flip side, being an individual will create initiative in men. It means you are a self-starter, someone who can lead without having to be told what to do. Both traits create successful adult men.

The following are a few tips on how to spend more time outside and find out who you really are:

- Become a hunter… silence is powerful medicine

- Fish… the peace and patience create calmness

- Learn to garden and put your hands in dirt

- Build Something… “a creative laborious man is a confident man”

- Go camping… keep it minimal and bring a tent

- Manual Labor… hard work while being outside does a body good

The outdoorsman is a man who is confident, secure, rugged, strong and healthy... so put down the technology and get outside at least 30 minutes per day!

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