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Stop Making Excuses... Man Up!!

“Success is built on how you frame everything in your mind and the more excuses that you allow to manifest, the further you will get from being successful.”

I am more discouraged then encouraged about the way our world is trending… WHY??? We have pushed an entire generation into believing that equality means equal success. Entitlement has become the social norm, particularly within the youth culture. It doesn’t take any effort to be at the bottom but it does take a tremendous amount of effort and resolve to be at the top. Life is a constant struggle and no one deserves an award because they are simply making it through. To curb entitlement, we need to curb excuses… STOP MAKING EXCUSES and you will become successful.

“Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both correct…”

In our society today, we teach and preach victimhood… particularly within our younger school age generations. We allow them to believe that it is ALWAYS somebody else’s fault for their misfortune. We are stripping them of their ability to correct and resolve their own situation because of the mental bind they are put in.

“If it’s somebody else’s fault then they must be the one to fix it?” “If it is not my fault, then how can you expect me to fix it?”

The simple truth is that it is their fault and it is 100% on them to fix it.

If you continue to make excuses for where you’re at and blame others for your current situation, your situation will never be resolved nor improved… Do the world a favor and shut the hell up, change your attitude, change your mentality, and change your work ethic… STOP being a victim, STOP blaming others, and STOP making excuses. Take ownership of your actions and your circumstances and you will become successful.

Everything in life boils down to a choice, a choice between greatness or victimhood… Which will you choose?

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