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BE MINDFUL... Daily Reflections - January 23, 2024

This is an insight into my mind and what I put down on paper daily... a habit that was created for reflection, awareness and manifestation...

Miyamoto Musashi on Focus:

  • Embrace simplicity to eliminate a cluttered mind… any pursuit in life have clarity of purpose and keep focus through simplicity

  • Focus… recognize the perfect moment to strike, or implement a new strategy! Timing & Moment… see it and act on it

  • Adaptability… be fluid and open to change when necessary… the art of No Mind (mushin) = a mental state of clear and utter focus, when the mind is calm, clear and receptive… allowing for intuition and reaction

  • The unconscious mind is necessary and frees your conscious mind through repetition!

  • Discipline… daily practice is the way to do it! Consistency is essential for practice and one must develop a routine to allow for optimal focus while eliminating decision fatigue and distractions! 

  • Solitude is vital to master ultimate focus; it develops a quiet mind, inner strength and reflection on self (day). The noise and chaos of the world it is hard to become independent.

  • Self reliance and independence requires you to only care what you think about you and not worry about external opinions… collaboration and feedback is important but focus requires you to face FEAR while maintaining composure during trials and tribulations!

  • Fears are mere illusions that stand between us and the ultimate focus (success). Adversity is an essential component to the path of success in life! Adversity is a stepping stone, not an obstacle!


As today began my vision and internal battles from yesterday had subsided… I woke up at 4:20am and began my mediation for 9 minutes. This is my daily habit. I was able to accomplish the majority of my “aim at life” during this time frame, which allowed me to focus my mind. The day was packed full of communication and left over residue from the disastrous day prior. However, I buried my head in disciplined work and stuck to my game plan for the day (which I created the day prior).

I found today intriguing and a perfect example of the necessity to suffer through road blocks, turmoil if you will. The stress of owning a business, almost two, while balancing my coaching career with family. I spent time studying today from the Almanack and listening to Miyamoto Musashi’s take on FOCUS! I definitely needed study time today! I was able to successfully map out 30 minutes at Peets in deep thought while reflecting on the Almanack’s teachings. One line stuck out to me the most, when discussing luck: You BUILD a unique character, a unique brand, a unique mindset, which causes luck to FIND YOU!!

I made definite decisions when I enrolled in [BLANK] Ads for FMF and [BLANK] for FMF. Both avenues are meant to generate revenue. Additionally, I met with Coach and gave him my attention for 45 minutes. This is something I need to do in order to become a better leader and owner. 

I need to work on PATIENCE when it comes to my children. They make a mess, create chaos at home while I am there, never leaving me alone, and I boil over sometimes after a long day at times. My intentions are to correct this, to become a more patient and level headed father/man. Although the world rests on my shoulders, or so it seems at times, I need to take refuge that my children are growing up and now is the time to cherish them!! 

As I wrap up today I am thankful for my family, my businesses and my opportunities to increase my wealth that are coming in abundance!

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