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TEFLON MINDSET... Daily Reflections - January 24, 2024

This is an insight into my mind and what I put down on paper daily... a habit that was created for reflection, awareness and manifestation...

Morning Entry:

I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for the opportunities and direction I have been blessed with. I had another long day of work yesterday, wrapping up at 11:00pm. The grind has been catching up and the financial constraints have become more real. Each day I recognize the additional ‘needs’ that I have for the business. The hunger is there, the passion is large, but it has been distracting me from family time. My correction has to be in organization and hiring the right people to surround me and my ambition. I need to enhance my offer and adjust my business schedule.

Mindset is an elixir of:

  • Ambition

  • Discipline

  • Strength

  • Confidence

I am unsure about the order, for each rely on the other. However, if I were to postulate what I thought was the order, I would say: Ambition leads to Discipline. Discipline leads to Strength. Strength leads to Confidence. The formula equates to a teflon mindset. My focus has to be built around my habits in order to ensure success through tribulations. I know the waters are rough but through faith and confidence I will conquer anything. Focus on your habits and your success will happen.

My intent for the day is to remain steadfast in my purpose, my direction and my unwavering intent to accomplish my financial goals.

Nightly Entry

I am wrapping up my day at 11:00am again, after remaining busy throughout the day. I was able to continually learn throughout the day by listening to stoic videos and business videos. I need to continue to be productive and focus on replicating myself, within business, so I can devote more time at home without having to work the whole time. I recognize my hunger drives me to push through moments of weakness, such as this morning. As I was ready to workout, and I got up from working at the desk, I got an urge to sit down and skip my workout. I acknowledge the weakness but I ignored the inner-bitch in my head and trained hard regardless. My intentions in life are to gain wealth, freedom and family through consistency, discipline and a strong work ethic. 

Thank you God for an amazing day of meetings, training, flag football practice and everything in between.


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