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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

ARE YOU looking for the simplest nutrition tip that WILL GUARANTEE you RESULTS…?

If you have been around me or listened to me talk about nutrition there are three major tips that I always go for.

One, eat a protein to bodyweight ratio of 1 gram to 1 pound of protein per day, at minimum… don’t worry, I am not going to address that!

Two, stick to as much real whole food as possible, avoid wrapped food as much as possible!!! Don’t worry, I am not going to address that either…

So, what is the 3rd thing??? How you BALANCE your macronutrients with each meal!!

Imagine your three macro nutrients are on a teeter totter. On one end you have Carbohydrates, carbs, and on the other end you have Lipids, Fats… and in the middle you have protein!

Your protein is your constant, it is the thing that never changes whereas your carbs and fats fluctuate.

First, before we go any further, FAT is not bad and YES FAT can lead to FAT LOSS!!! So we need to eliminate the misconception that FAT is bad and that FAT will get you FAT!

Of course, the type of FAT you eat plays the largest role in this statement but you get the idea.

So anyways, back to the teeter totter analogy, when you have a higher carb meal you MUST keep your FAT levels on the lower end… and when you have a higher FAT meal you should eliminate or drastically reduce your carbohydrates.

When you spike your insulin your cells outer wall opens the door to allow things in, and fat can easily be stored. I might be over simplifying this a bit, but that’s really the important thing to note.

So, as you are mapping out your food day, here are some good strategies that can help you become successful:

  1. Do not eat carbs at breakfast, only eat protein and high-quality fat! Try a grass-fed steak or pasture raised eggs with a grass-fed protein shake.

  2. Eat a moderate carb meal after or a few hours before your workout… keep the fat lower.

  3. When snacking, choose high protein & higher fat snacks… avoid high carb snacks

  4. For simple digestion, eat fruit by itself and not around workouts nor meals.

  5. Lastly, choose to diversify your food choices so that your gut microbiome has a variety of bacteria that is digesting.

Follow these tips and more to get LEAN and BUILD MUSCLE!!

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