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Respect Women... MAN UP!!

"Treat women like you would treat your mother,” a famous saying. To contrast that point I have also heard women these days be told to watch how their man treats his own mother, it will tell you a lot. My point, make sure you respect women.

As we breakdown modern day music and culture it becomes easy to make this statement: society has been poisoned by removing traditional values and placing emphasis on materialism, sex and other more materialistic characteristics. Therefore, it becomes increasingly more important to emphasis to young men that respecting women is essential.

Traditional trends, although most often beneficial, can be updated. Women should be seen as a compliment to men, an equal, who fill in where men do not fit. We know that men and women have distinct differences biologically, which is why acting like you can be either sex is absurd. For example, regarding fitness, women are metabolically more flexible then men because they can switch from burning glucose to fat more easily, particularly those women who resistance train. Regarding this concept women and men are compliments but are not the same. We, as a society, need to reject this misconception pushed upon us and begin teaching our young men how to treat young women… basically, respect women!

Here are four important tips that all young men should be taught in order to respect women:

  1. Open the door for women… whether this is your girlfriend, wife, mother or a random woman, as a man you should hold the door open for woman to show respect

  2. Let women walk through the door first… a man’s job is to protect, allowing the woman to enter first ensures you show respect and are willing to protect them

  3. If on a date, pay… if you are married or engaged, we can let this slide perhaps, but when you are dating pay for your date young man and show that you can provide for her and you…

  4. If walking on a sidewalk or on the side of a street make sure they are on the non-street side (meaning you are closest to the cars) … this is another sign of protection and respect by you putting yourself in harm’s way

  5. Hold your ladies’ hand… for a man this is no the number one thing we like to do, but this shows your woman you are proud of her and emotionally connected to her… a small gesture goes a long way!!

These actions DO NOT down play the power of a woman, but rather highlight your respect for them and appreciation for the opposite sex.

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