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Overeating and Refined (artificial) foods impair metabolic hormones, which cause major damage in your body. Metabolic hormones that are being affected are Testosterone, Estrogen, Melatonin and more... This kind of eating even results in impaired blood glucose regulation and inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a reaction from the body to disease, injury, infection, irritation and more... It is a natural response from the body and can be a good thing; however, regarding mental stress and a poor diet high levels of inflammation lead to disease and health issues. Cortisol, which is a hormone that is release during high stress times or times of inflammation, will do damage to your muscles and all other bodily functions. The primary focus of any diet or lifestyle change should be built around what we consume in our diet. Here are THREE high inflammation foods to avoid immediately:

  1. Sugar... more specifically fake sugar. Real organic cane sugar should be eaten in moderation but stay away from fake artificial sugar

  2. Oils... not omega-3 oils, those are good, but omega-6 oils such as seed, canola and vegetable oils

  3. Fried food... most food is deep fried in unhealthy omega-6 oils, or butters, that contain trans fat

Here are some more side effects from a diet filled with artificial sugars, foods and from stuffing your face:

  • Impaired blood glucose regulation leads to diabetes since you body will resist insulin

  • Constant and high inflammation levels, think fight-or-flight, will lead to disease and/or death

  • Melatonin is the body's hormone to put you to sleep, natural production is important and stems from the Pineal gland, eating FAKE food will mess this up

  • Testosterone, which is drastically altered by diet, is a vital part in how you build muscle and stay lean

  • Estrogen, for women, can release growth hormone and help use fat as fuel... this metabolic hormone is damaged heavily by FAKE food

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to make a change, start making the shift away from refined processed (packaged) foods and start shifting towards real whole foods as soon as possible!!!

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