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Everything You Need to Know on How to Overcome FEAR

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The only aspect in life that is for certain is simple, you are either moving forward or you are moving backward. From a science perspective, cellular breakdown and building happens constantly and your life is no different... there is no constant. The very thought of ‘no change’ means you are in fact going backwards. This, in truth, should be the only thing you FEAR in life.

A life worth living is, well, a life worth living.

In order to live we need to embrace change and challenge everyday.

When we fail or face despair we must take the lessons out of that situation and apply it towards a more positive direction. Every misstep in life provides you with the greatest opportunity for self-evaluation and therefore an opportunity to move forward.

So how do we learn to not FEAR change? More importantly, how do embrace change in our life?

Embrace Pain… when you are faced with FEAR immediately start moving towards it. Any hesitation allows the unknown to begin to scare you as more negative thoughts enter your mind. Therefore, you must actively begin moving towards what you are fearful of a very specific plan of action.

Seek Challenge… being uncomfortable is the ONLY true way one can grow. Hardship and challenge will reveal your true character, which will allow you to evaluate your true self. Whether it be physical challenge or mental, put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable so you learn to overcome and work through fearful circumstances on your own.

Self-Evaluation… every day you should leave yourself a time to reflect on the day and how you have moved towards your goals. Learn to reflect and take notes on what you did right and wrong. For everything you did wrong you must, in your mind, determine a better course of action for that specific situation / problem and visualize yourself back in that situation handling it the way you envisioned it.

Never Satisfied… this means you do not limit your potential with your thoughts. Always have a purpose and goals for what you are doing in life but do not want more. When you constantly want more then you live in lack, which is a good way to never get what you want. Instead, envision yourself with those wants as if you have already received them. Learn to love what you have by being grateful for what you have… but always keep goals in mind so you stay driven… ‘Never Satisfied’ means living a purposeful-driven life.

Train Your Body… you can’t sustain a healthy and purposeful lifestyle without maintaining some level of health for your body. Training your body means you are deciding, daily, to spend time working on staying in shape. As a gym rat I will tell you the best way to toughen up your mind, face FEAR and embrace the uncomfortable is by lifting weights. Take at least 30 minutes daily to beast out on something physical.

The ONLY thing you have to fear is FEAR itself.

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