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How to Overcome Hardships & Setbacks!!

Hardship is not a setback nor is it a failure, it is merely an opportunity to succeed and learn. I have been dead broke four different times in my adult life. The first time was at the age of 23 years old; the last time was 34 years old. The struggles over that period were real, suffering, and left me in a state of chaos. I often thought, will it ever get better? Throughout that time, I has kids and a wife to take care of, while internalizing the fact that I may not be able to pay my bills. I had a business with 7 employees, which I was always one month away from nothing. What happened??? I didn’t quit, I kept going and I somehow figured it out. What I realize now is that the mindset of poverty and failure kept me down and it wasn’t until I started focusing on mindset and manifestation did I make a change. Regardless, the hardships were real and they came of many, but they define who I am today.


Take a moment, think about the hardships you have had in the past, and how many have you overcome??? You say not many but I say, you are still here!


Take comfort in the fact that you have been able to overcome obstacles in your past and it has led to personal triumph! In the moment these personal setbacks and hardships were unique in their own nature but were placed there in order to build resilience and mindset! It is vital that recognize these hardships were more than obstacles, they were mind maps being created through neurological connections between emotions and mindset. Yes, the pain was horrific and never seemed to go away, but wait, it did… the pain was a temporary setback in addition to the actual roadblock as well. Each defeat was a chapter in your own personal story that fed the subconscious with knowledge on how to overcome future obstacles, turning them into success stories!


How do we tap in to these experiences and lessons for future use?


Find solitude, seek solitude, and remove yourself from everyday life regularly. Deep reflection and personal growth happen when you hear your inner voice guiding you towards your aim at life. When you are alone you are able to hear yourself and overcome your fears and roadblocks. Reflect on your personal journey while evaluating your emotions and reactions in the moment. Learn from it, take notes, journal and you can overcome anything!


Accept Pain… pain is temporary, first and foremost, so if you can change your mind set on pain you can then use your pain to drive you towards your goals and passions! Pain holds potential, it pushes you to strive for a stronger version of yourself, recognizing competing with you and only you.

  1. How can I use this?

  2. What did I learn?

  3. What could I have done different?

Once you answer these questions, then sit in solitude and visualize yourself acting the way you answered.


Perseverance & Consistency… so you are struggling now but you will not be much longer if you stay on the path. Understand that what happens in life is of nature, nothing is bad nor good, it just ‘is what it is’. Marcus Aurilius talks about this often in his book, Meditations, which was his personal journey. In order to be able to move forward you need to keep up with ‘daily steps’ while working towards your goal, path. Set up a daily routine that is cultivated to move you closer to your goals, your aim at life. Here are a few disciplines to incorporate in your day:

  1. Learn More… always keep learning, read daily, and read with intention. Do not read something that you are not willing to implement into your life.

  2. Wake Up Early… this is one of the best ways to stay ahead of who you were yesterday while staying focused and motivated.

  3. Create a ‘To-Do’ List… you need to organize your path and set up a list to work from built around priorities.

  4. Have a Specific Goal… set it up so you have a long-term aim at life and then smaller daily ones that align to the long-term vision.


There is no magic solution. What works for one man/woman doesn’t work for another. We get caught up in this rate race called life and lose focus on who we are really competing against! It is not anyone other than who you were yesterday. Choose a life of discipline and you will live a happy and fulfilled life. Have no purpose and you will suffer a life of chaos. The beautiful thing about this, is, that the choice is entirely up to you!

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