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How to GRILL a Steak… keep it simple

Stop with this BS that saturated fats are unhealthy for you! How about seed and vegetable oils are bad for you!! Yes, mainstream is flat out wrong!

We have pushed away from animal fat, specifically butter, to promote veggie oils to cook with… this is ALL BAD!!! Animal fats like grass-fed butter, red meat, eggs, lard and other animal fats are actually great to eat; these lipids lead to hormonal balance, proper insulin regulation, and more…

On a digestibility value scale red meat is 91-92 out of 100, which means of 10 grams of protein a little more than 9 grams will be utilized within the human body. This is a good value. However, I will always argue that the life your animal lived is more important than anything else. It is important that we start to promote…

  1. Factory Farming produces a bad product (similar to our factory style of education), we need to move towards Pasteur raised organic regenerative farming.

  2. Seed and vegetable oils are not good for you… ancestral fats like Tallow, Grass-fed butter, bone marrow and lard are better choices!

  3. Oils you can use… avocado and coconut for cooking, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dressings and marinades

As we move forward it is going to be essential to reframe the way we look at red meat and fat. Quality over quantity for sure, but we need to redefine quality to more of a primitive outlook!

Keeping it simple is how I like to grill steaks, it allows the beef flavor to shine with a little hint of salt and garlic. The pepper is to provide a little bite that adds complexity to each piece. All of the measurements are estimates, and therefore you can add more or less. Like I said, I keep it simple and because this is how I prepare and cook my steaks, I eye ball everything!


2 1” cut Grass-Fed Rib Steaks

Garlic Powder, about 1tbsp

Himalayan Salt, about 1 tsp

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper, about 1 tsp

1 tbsp grass-fed butter, divided


  1. Coat the steaks in salt, black pepper and garlic powder (both sides)

  2. Let the steaks sit out 30-60min prior to cooking

  3. Heat a grill up on high

  4. Spray the grill down with avocado oil right before you place the steaks on the grill

  5. Cook the steak for 4 minutes, flip sides, and cook another 4 minutes

  6. Remove from gill and spread ½ tbsp of grass-fed butter over the top of each steak

  7. Let sit for 3-5min prior to cutting

My general cook time, over high heat, to reach the desired doneness for a 1” steak on the grill…

3 minutes per side = rare

4 minutes per side = medium rare

5 minutes per side = medium

Enjoy the recipe and I hope you start changing the way you look at beef!!

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