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The SECRET to a Successful Day

Our beginning predicts our end… how you organize your day, particularly how you begin your day, sets up the way you will live each day. It is not enough to assume you will be successful without a disciplined plan to guide you. A major emphasis of that plan should be how you begin your day.

If you look back, or just look around the world, you will find high functioning people place a major emphasis on their morning. The monks preach meditation and spiritual connection first thing. Yogi’s teach meditation and spiritual connection first thing. Neuroscientists preach meditation and spiritual connection first thing. Lastly, high performance, vastly successful, business men and women preach meditation, affirmation and routine.

Regardless of whom you believe there is a trend to disconnect from the outer world (news, phone, etc…) and begin your day in reflection.

Here are FOUR SIMPLE TIPS to focus your schedule and set up your life for success….

1. Prioritize your Mornings… this should be your primary focus of each day.

  • Upon waking up immediately spend time in meditation or prayer. Connect with yourself internally and disconnect from the external world… take 20 minutes to yourself, it is worth it

  • Exercise your body, exercise your mind… this is a helpful strategy to wake you up and put you in high gear.

  • Personally: I choose to work out early in the mornings so I challenge my mind, push my body, and get a difficult task out of the way. The endorphin rush is great side effect too!

2. Schedule your Focus… what you want to be most successful in should be prioritized.

  • Place your priorities in a ranking system and select the top three.

  • Schedule time to work on those priorities at least 5 days per week. Schedule it like an appointment, block out the time, and focus on that task only during that time

  • Personally: I struggle with this because I want to do too much. Limiting yourself to a few things is the best way to specialize and become wildly successful

3. Do what is NOT expected… always go, always do, more than what is expected of you

  • Jonas Salk once said, “the REWARD for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

  • Make sure you prioritize, with everything you do, that you will commit 100% to all tasks. The only way this will happen is if you find ‘purpose’ in every task / job you do.

4. Learn Every Day to be Successful… learn something new about the topic, goal, you want to be most successful in.

  • Read 20-30 minutes per day regarding the topic you are a “specialist” in.

  • Personally: I find reading and taking hand written notes to be the most successful way for me to learn.

Your daily life, daily routine, will dictate the legacy you leave behind. Creating a disciplined and focused lifestyle is the best way to guarantee success each day. Try these tips for 90 days and see how successful you can be!!

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