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TRI-TIP... A Simple & Flavorful Marinade


When this cut of meat is prepared and grilled to perfection there may not be a better cut! Tri-Tip is relatively lean with about 11g of fat and 24 grams of protein per 4oz. 11 grams!?!? Yes, and high-quality animal fat is not bad for you. Mainstream tells you it’s as simple as cholesterol and/or calorie counting, when in fact, it’s not!!

How do you like your meat cooked? When checking out the recipe it is important to understand that the cooking time depends on how cooked you want your meat. This is a major factor in how hot your grill or cooking apparatus will be too. Here is what I prefer and how I achieve it…

  • I love medium rare to medium for this cut of meat, which usually can be done with an 18-20-minute cook time over medium heat (8-9 minutes per side). However, the size of the cut will dictate the actual cooking time.

  • I do not like to mask the flavor of the meat by over marinating it nor saucing it when it is finished. I prefer to enjoy the flavor of the meat, which is another reason why I only buy high quality meat (small batch local farming is my preferred method).

  • I always start with heating my grill up on high. Once preheated, I throw the meat on and immediately turn the grill down to medium. If using charcoal, I have one side with a ton of coals and another side with a few. I start on the hot side for 1-2 minutes and then move it to the other side. (medium side). I repeat the process for the other side.

  • I always pull my meat out of the refrigerator 30-60 minutes prior to throwing it on to the grill. It brings the meat closer to room temperature thus not causing the meat to harden up from the drastic temperature change.

Tri-Tip Macronutrients

4oz serving size

± 200 calories

± 11g of Fat

± 24g of Protein

*these are all estimates as the macros could change depending on cooking process, marinades, etc...

Tri-Tip Cooking Temperature (here is what I follow)

  • Rare... finished at 130 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Medium-Rare... finished at 140 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Medium finished... at 150 degrees Fahrenheit

As a general rule, if you are looking to eat the meat at medium-rare or rare (or whatever doneness you want) make sure you pull it off the heat source 5-10 degrees lower than the finished temperature. For example, if I want a medium finish I will pull it off the heat at around 140 degrees.


Pasteur Raised Grass-Fed Tri-Tip

Wet Ingredients

1 tbsp Organic Yellow Mustard

2 tbsp unfiltered raw honey

2 tbsp coconut amino

2 tsp Roasted Walnut Oil (can use avocado oil instead)

Dry Ingredients

2 tbsp Organic Garlic Powder

1 tbsp Himalayan Salt

1 tbsp Fresh Cracked Black Pepper


1. Whisk the wet ingredients together, put about 2tbsp aside

2. With a marinade brush, brush down the trip-tip with the wet ingredients

3. Divide the dry ingredients in half (Garlic, Salt and Pepper); use ½ on one side of the trip-tip and ½ on the other side of the tri-tip… sprinkle evenly

4. Do this anywhere from 1-24hrs prior to cooking

[Now that you are ready to cook]

5. Remove the Tri-Tip from the refrigerator 60min prior to cooking, set aside

6. When ready, preheat the grill on high

7. Place the Tri-Tip on the grill and turn the heat down to medium

8. Leave for 8-9 minutes on one side, flip it… once flipped, brush down the tri-tip

9. After 8 more minutes, flip it, then brush down the tri-tip… at this point check the temperature

10. I like medium to medium-rare tri-tip so I pull it off the grill when it is at or nearly at 130 degrees Fahrenheit

*reminder that cooking time depends on what temperature you are trying to achieve… it might be a bit more for medium and a bit less for rare…

11. Once off the grill let the Tri-Tip rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing… if you have left over marinade you can brush it down one last time… slice thickness depends on your preference

12. Enjoy!!

Take notes when you first make this to determine if you want / need more marinade. If you need more marinade simply double the recipe, it is pretty simple. Another bonus with this recipe is that it is easy to adjust for your flavor preference. If you want a little more eastern flavor add a bit more coconut amino. If you want it a little sweeter add some more honey. This is easy for you to adjust and accommodate to your liking, as long as you pay attention to how it hits the tastes buds when you cook it!!


My favorite Temperature check is a standard instant read, CLICK HERE for the one I use!

For a Digital Temperature I like to use this one, CLICK HERE...

Thank you for the SUPPORT!!

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