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How to Truly Achieve Success: Unveiling the Secrets I Overlooked for Two Decades

Ever wonder why many people don't achieve their dreams? I do, all the time, and my revelation was simple yet groundbreaking (for me at least): it's not solely about setting goals. It's about creating pathways, plans of action, to realize them. I have 5 major points of emphasis in discovering how to shape one’s own version of success:

1. Define Your Personal Success

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Success isn't universal. It's deeply personal. Napoleon Hill, in "Think & Grow Rich," illustrates that a person without purpose is akin to a ship lost at sea. Without your own destination—your definition of success—you'll easily be lost while being influenced by the world's ever-changing currents. Do not leave your purpose, your path, to the world’s definition of success. Align your vision with your innermost desires and aspirations. You need to spend time determining these and the best place to start, is with you in silence. Take some time to evaluate your life so you can determine a direction otherwise you will be living someone else's dream, which is the shortest route to disappointment and a life of chaos.

Jordan Peterson, in his book “12 Rules for Life,” perfectly explains chaos:

"Chaos is the domain of ignorance itself. It’s unexplored territory. Chaos is what extends, eternally and without limit, beyond the boundaries of all states, all ideas, and all disciplines… Chaos is the despair and horror you feel when you have been profoundly betrayed…”

2. Craft Your Roadmap

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

– Seneca

A goal with no plan is nothing more than a dream. Instead of letting your aspirations vanish come morning, write them down and map out a plan to achieve them. The Roman philosopher Seneca reminds us that when we are prepared, opportunities will seamlessly align. Your plan should be meticulous—every detail leading you closer to your goal, solidifying your belief in its attainability. No rock should be unturned just as no detail is too small.

In order to present to you a clearer picture, let me provide you with insight into my roadmap. I own a performance and fitness business. One of my “goals” is to hit a certain dollar amount per month; for arguments sake, let’s say that number is $100k per month. In order for me to achieve this I need to know how and where it is coming from. First, I breakdown each category that I will be using to achieve this:

  1. Memberships

  2. Online Memberships

  3. Private Coaching & Clinics

  4. Online Revenue

Once I have broken down each category, I then put an exact dollar amount to it. $20k for 1, $20k for 2, $25k for 3 and $35k for 4. Following this, I put a plan down, listing all specifics, to acquire that dollar amount each month. Once I have this formulated, I write it out, memorize it, and go over it every day. If anything changes, I repeat this process over again and memorize it again!

3. Embrace Transformation

"The obstacle is the way."

– Marcus Aurelius

The road to success demands transformation. It asks you to evolve, adopting the mindset and habits of the person who's already standing where you want to be; meaning, form the habits and mindset of who you want to become and act like this person every day, regardless of your circumstances. It's laborious, yes, but also deeply rewarding. The stoic philosophy of ancient Rome placed prominence on turning within for answers and insight. Marcus Aurelius, in his writings titled “the Meditations” laid out how a morning routine and other habits provided success in life. From these teachings, along with trial and error, I have embraced these strategies in my life and have experienced revolutionary change. I hope they can do the same in your life:

  1. Develop a Morning Routine: Start your day with meditation and affirmation. Internalize your aspirations, visualizing them as already achieved. Write down an aim at life, something that provides you with goals and a clear plan, then memorize it. Once memorized, recite it every morning within meditation.

  2. To-Do Triumphs: Daily and weekly lists can guide your actions. The satisfaction of checking tasks off can't be overstated. It provides a dopamine release that becomes addictive and thus helps you stay on task! I evaluate my list each night and reflect on my progress.

  3. Preparation Prevails: Set yourself up for success by organizing the next day's tasks the night before. Get ready for work, prep your meals, pack your bag, write out your to-do list, etc… Preparing the night before can’t be overstated when aligned with your success level!

  4. Eyes on the Prize: Regularly reconnect with your goals. Let your envisioned success fuel your determination. Upon waking and upon retiring, recite your aim at life that you have memorized. The more you revisit the more they become true. If you can believe that they have already occurred, through visualization and repetition, then they will occur!

4. Filter Out Distractions

"Distraction is the enemy of vision."

– Epictetus

In our digital age, screens can be a double edge sword, becoming a tool or a trap. Choose it to be used as a tool, and you can leap your life forward. On the other hand, allow them to become a time-wasting trap, and you can halter any progress. Use them to educate and elevate yourself, not to squander precious hours of your life by browsing to browse.

More than screens, surround yourself with people who nourish your ambitions. The stoic philosopher Epictetus once mentioned that ‘distractions undermine our larger vision’. Let go of relationships and habits that don't serve your aim at life, and instead, surround yourself with individuals who mirror the success you seek. We are the company we keep and if we do not choose our surroundings wisely, then they can become a burden on your mental state.

5. Cultivate Discipline

"The discipline of desire is the background of character." – John Locke

A picture of an ebook cover, Habits & Failures
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Without discipline, even the most thought-out plans and grand aspirations can crumble. My resilience in the face of adversities was molded by routine and perseverance. I have experienced being broke, in adulthood, 3 different occasions. Neither time that I had no money, indebt, and just trying to figure out how to pay the next billing cycle, did I ever contemplate quitting. Even more profound was the fact that I doubled down, each of those 3 times, and put more risk in the game to get back ahead. The structure you set, the boundaries you uphold, and the dedication you exhibit define your journey toward your goals. Here are my 6 daily disciplines that I set for my life, my daily routine:

  1. Meditate

  2. Workout

  3. Read

  4. Check Finances

  5. Read to my daughter & put my kids to bed

  6. Meditate and Evaluate

Your road to success isn’t a straight line, nor is it identical to someone else’s (you need to create your own). It's a bespoke path, paved with purpose, planning, transformation, selective focus, and unwavering discipline. Take the helm, captain your ship, and steer with certainty towards your horizon. Embrace the lessons that life provides you and stay disciplined to the path that leads to your definition of success!

Email me at for guidance... or if you want a free copy of my ebook, Habits & Failures...


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