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How Do I Get Rid of Plastic? Are we being poisoned!!!

Plastic plastic plastic… with a world surrounded in plastic it is becoming harder and harder to find ways to get around using it. Plastic is in our food, our soil, and even our bodies. We need to find ways to limit plastic exposure since they are harmful to our endocrine system thus disrupting our hormonal imbalance.

Most of the plastics used in daily life shed toxic chemicals when they are heated or stored for prolonged periods of time. Once they have been released, humans consume them through breathing, eating and drinking, as well as through skin absorption. For example, a major harmful by-product, Phthalates*, is catastrophic to the development of boys in the womb when a mother is exposed to this harmful chemical. These chemicals do not pass through the body rapidly but rather become absorbed in the body before interacting with each other to create more damage. Additionally, there are other harmful substances like BPA’s** that drastically destroy the Endocrine System*** in the body! My point, we need to start making the change today from plastic exposure.

There are numerous alternatives to plastic out there and more keep popping up. Having 4 kids I was determined to focus on finding a more holistic style of lifestyle for my family, for health and wellness. The main areas where I focused on were:

  1. Glass jars for food and beverages

  2. Growing my own vegetables

  3. Ceramic plates

  4. Never putting hot food or beverages on plastic

  5. Baby food in jars not containers

  6. Reusing glass water bottles

  7. Switch out your laundry detergent

That is a big list so where should I start?

If you start on making a few small changes at a time, it will be a breeze. I chose to focus on areas where hot food would be placed on plastic, then I found alternatives. The easiest place to start, in my opinion, is switch to a glass reusable water bottle.

Should I use plastic water bottles?

Simply stated, hell no!! If you are using plastic water bottles try and switch as soon as possible. In the meantime, make sure you never use a water bottle that has been left in the sun or a car, which means it heated up.

What about Ziplock bags?

Don’t worry, I still use these since they are super convenient… However, I always avoid heat and plastic so make sure everything is cooled down before use. Another common mistake is keeping plastic bags in hot areas, like a car when it is in summer. If you are going to be using Ziplock bags it is best to avoid heat or use an alternative like the one I have shown here...

If I am buying from a grocery store, do you use plastic bags for your veggies?

Simple answer, try not to. Choose to use reusable mesh bags that will not put phthalates nor BPA’s on to your food! You can even use paper bags to store your veggies in them. Easy!

Baby Food Containers… avoid at all costs!!

Don’t stress it if you are unable to puree and make your own baby food. Yes, this is the best choice but can often get overwhelming and time consuming. Don’t feel bad if you do not do this because now-a-days you can find plenty of holistic organic puree food choices that come in glass jars. Quick general rule for me, I always avoid mainstream brands owned by companies like Johnson & Johnson.

Plastic Plates and Food… Swap it out!

There are numerous other alternatives out there for plastic plates. Parents often do not give their kids glass or ceramic plates because they are worried about them breaking the plates! I totally understand, but you need to swap out hot food and plastic plates / cups / utensils / etc… One alternative that is not glass nor ceramic is bamboo. The downside of bamboo is that it can break easier than plastic when it is dropped. However, this could be great training for adulthood for kids.

Remember, this is merely a starting point for you to focus on and not an end all be all. In the DISHONORABLE MENTION category, I would like to highlight these mainstream products:

+ Deodorant… heavy metals and other endocrine destructing fragrances

+ Hand Soap… fragrances and other petroleum based products

+ Soap scrubbing Loofah… plastic-plastic-plastic!

+ Toothbrush… plastic and BPA laced bristles

+ Toothpaste… did you know fluoride is toxic???

+ Non-Stick pans… talk about BPA and other garbage loaded

Regardless of your decisions, take the small steps to move away from plastics, fragrances and other harmful substances. Your health and wellness will thank you in the long run to get rid of plastics from your life!!

Thank you for reading!!


*Phthalates are a composite of chemicals which are readily used to make plastics soft and bendable in a variety of items from children’s toys, to storage containers, the dashboard in our cars, and a whole catalog of personal care products. These oily liquid chemicals are colorless, odorless, and they do not evaporate easily. Added to which, instead of passing through the human body quickly, phthalates are absorbed into the body; and, once present, they can interact with each other and their effects can be expanded.

**Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production of polycarbonate plastics. It is found in various products including shatterproof windows, eyewear, water bottles, and epoxy resins that coat some metal food cans, bottle tops, and water supply pipes. The primary source of exposure to BPA for most people is through the diet. While air, dust, and water are other possible sources of exposure, BPA in food and beverages accounts for the majority of daily human exposure.

***The endocrine system is a complex network of glands and organs. It uses hormones to control and coordinate your body's metabolism, energy level, reproduction, growth and development, and response to injury, stress, and mood...


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