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Ladies Looking to Burn Fat? You Have Been Going About It All Wrong…

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

If you are seriously looking to burn fat then stop doing cardio and start lifting weights. Burning body fat comes down to three simple things, which should be applied to your daily life.

Resistance Training

Choose resistance training over cardio training… cardio can still be performed but resistance training should be your primary focus. Start with these training tips:

  1. Multi-joint complex movements that require heavier loads… multi-joint movements are exercises like squats, pull ups, bench press, military press, deadlifts, lunges and more… the focus of the exercise is on multiple muscles at one time.

  2. Shorter Rest Intervals coupled with heavier loads… if you are strength training you can rest for up to 4-5 minutes between sets, but when your focus is on fat loss stick to 45sec to 2 minutes of rest… if you are lifting heavy, say 4-8 reps, on a big exercise such as squats, take the 2 minutes.

  3. Higher repetitions integrated into a heavier training regimen and only on select days… the simplest way to train is by basing your programming off of the multi-joint exercises… week one work 12-15 reps, week two work 8-12 reps and week three work 5-8 reps… repeat this and for your smaller isolation exercises you can keep the higher rep counts like 12-18 reps.

  4. Move more and rest less… the simplest tip to follow, always have more training days in your week then resting days.

*You NEED protein following workouts (30-35g)

Limit Aerobic Training

Performing steady state cardio has some benefits but when it is compared to resistance training, it doesn't even come close when the goals is body composition. You can do both but resistance training should be done more than aerobic training. The two most successful forms of fat loss cardio, which integrate aerobic and anaerobic training together, are:

  1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) method… circuit training, sprints to jogging, and other forms of training that go back and forth between full go, moderate pace and slow pace.

  2. Choose Sprints over Running... the high intensity formula is a great model to follow to burn some fat and lean up quick.

Cycle Your Carbs

The biggest misconception around nutrition, specifically when referring to females, is that they need to go carb free. WRONG! Cycle Your Carbs rather than eliminating them. Women burn more carbs, which is glucose, and fat then men while at rest. They also burn more fat during workouts then men. Eating carbs is not a bad thing, as long as you are smart about it. Here are your take homes that you can apply right away.

  1. Eat more carbs on your hardest training days… these are your higher carb intake days

  2. The higher your body fat percentage is, the less carbs you should eat

  3. When you go low carb, you need to increase your fat intake, while protein remains constant

  4. Days of rest or low intensity training choose low to zero carbs

Ladies, apply these tips to your life and you will be astonished to watch the fat drip off!!!


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Thank you for Reading!!

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