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Granola Bars Are Killing You!!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Ok this might be a bit hyperbolic but… I am not wrong!!

The ingredients in most granola bars are nothing more than processed junk packed with sugar that will lead to health ailments later down the road (if not now). All granola bars are not created equal, and most should never be eaten! A good granola bar should have organic ingredients, some protein, good fiber and lower on added sugar. If you can’t find something like that, then make your own! However, the purpose of this blog is to highlight a quick fix for someone who is not super in to nutrition and for PARENTS of kids looking to throw something in to their lunches.

Here are a few reasons not to EAT your Quaker Oats bar (other granola bars too)...

  1. A typical granola bar is packed with horrible oils (like canola) that are linked to numerous health ailments often insulin related, and thus should be avoided. With Type II on the rise, we need to reduce the amount of omega-6 oil to allow our bodies to continue to respond to insulin. Vegetable and seed oil should be an absolute "no fly" zone!

  2. The bars ingredients are simply not real. Packed with GMO, fake sugars like sucralose and other ingredients, mainstream granola bars are a “no fly zone.”

For a similar bar to your standard Quaker Oat Bar, try the MadeGood Bars. These bars AREN'T PERFECT but they will provide you with a similar flavor without the most harmful ingredients. MadeGood bars are smaller and contain lower amounts of sugar. These bars can serve as a healthier alternative to give to KIDS as part of a lunch snack at school.

I generally will always recommend baking your own but for those who don’t know how or want to, I get it!

Here are some Mainstream Popular Snack Bars to AVOID!

  1. Nature Valley Bars… the oats in the bar contain a chemical called glyphosate, which is a harmful pesticide. They lost a legal battle filed in 2016 where General Mills was forced to drop the “100% Natural” label that they claimed. (1)

  2. Clif Bars… these things are not for snacking. The amount of sugar and carbs in the bars in this bar only makes them somewhat suitable for hiking or some other long activity.

  3. Quaker Oat Bar… whole grain rolled oats, brown sugar, rice flour, sugar, and salt. These ingredients are sure to feed your young child with an ample amount of sugar, well over the daily recommendation.

As our society of “experts” continue to direct us down a path of misery and unhealthiness, we need to take ownership of our mistakes and correct them before it is too late. For starters, eliminating the seed and vegetable oils from all granola bars (other foods too) is a great starting place. Additionally, reducing the refined carbohydrates and added sugars is another great way to curb short term side effects and long-term health ailments. Type II & Alzheimer’s, which some are now calling Type III diabetes, are continuing to increase in our society. Added sugars combined with seed and vegetable oils is literally killing us, we need to stand up and say no more.



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