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Your MINDSET is Success… develop the right mindset

Every person in this world has felt the same feelings. Every person in this world has gone through hardships. Every person in this world has failed, faced self-doubt, had negative thoughts and even wanted to quit… the difference between the person is great (success) and the person who has yet to do anything is simple… they’ve moved on and they’ve changed their mindset.

Move On

Moving on from hardships and negative thoughts is might be one of the most difficult things in life; changing this negative thought process begins by embracing your fears, failures and any other feelings that are holding you back. This is step one to moving on. By embracing the hardships means you can change your mindset towards them… stop being lazy, get up, move away from that familiar and walk into the unknown.

“Walk by faith and not by sight.” Anything is possible with the right mindset…

Reframe the CHALLENGE in your life

There is not a person in this world who has not gone through suffering. The first thought most failure have is “well that person is lucky.” I am here to tell you that they are not lucky, they are hard-working. When you want something so strongly it will push you beyond your comfort, your limits, and your fears. The titans of this world are not special other than they are ‘comfortable’ pushing in to the unknown. They have taken what was once uncomfortable, the unknown, and have made it the new comfortable. They realized that by pushing their own mental and physical limits they could achieve the dreams that they once thought as impossible. Their work ethic and ability to grind through the struggle gave them the will power to become a titan.

Changing the way, we think about challenging is the desirable change you need in life. It will allow you to move beyond fear, failure and struggle. You will turn each hardship and mis-step into a learning experience that will launch you to success!!!

“Circumstances do not define who you are, but they do expose who you are…”

These two steps are possible for everyone and will guarantee success. Take that challenge today… move beyond your past and look forward to your future.


1. Find something in the past that still bothers you

2. Write down the feelings that come to mind

3. Evaluate your actions and response, what could you have done different?

4. Create a new story by visualizing

5. Write down the NEW feelings that better align with the new story

6. Close your eyes, visualize the story, and try and feel the feelings

7. You are now in control

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