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NEVER be a VICTIM again… change your life today

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

You can either be a VICTIM to your life or DOMINATE your life... the choice is yours. Bullet proof YOUR mindset today by organizing your life through mindset and discipline.

1. MINDSET… “You are responsible for every thought you allow to manifest into your life but you are NOT responsible for every thought that you have.”

Point One – Create Awareness of your Mindset!

Your mindset is based on past experiences and is wired to emotions, which is why it is so difficult to change your mindset.

95% of your actions and decisions (mindset) are developed by the age of 35.

Your mindset should be the primary focus in your life since it controls your every move. First, understand that one of the primary purposes of your mind is to stop you in an attempt to protect you. This ‘constant’ form of protection limits your abilities in life and in order to change it you must focus your intentions on it… which will make you stop it. The first focus, or place to start, is to evaluate everything you hesitate with and/or choose to be silent with even though you might disagree.

Once you have a list down of your hesitations and/or silence, actively work on each one (one at a time) until you have definitely acted on it or removed it from your life. Through this very deliberate decision you will have taken your first step towards disciplining your mindset for success and victory.

Point Two – Control your Thoughts!

Your thoughts physically manifest themselves in your life. If you want to improve your physical life then you need to change your thoughts. When you dwell on a thought you put your energy into it until it becomes true. Think about it?!?! If you are dwelling on being alone then you will be alone. If you think about being loved, then you will be loved. If you dwell on being broke, then you will be broke. If you feel that you are rich, then you will be rich.

Manifest what you want by placing your attention on positive thoughts combined with intentions.

When negative thoughts enter your mind, normal, quickly try and shift your focus to another topic. I find it helpful, at times, to say loudly I AM followed by something positive. Every time you say “I AM" combined with visualizing your goals you will elicit the feelings of what it would feel like if those things are already true. For example, if you say I AM RICH then you should be focusing on what it feels like to be rich. Visualize yourself in a situation in which you are rich and be specific as possible! This strategy works and is the most efficient way to manifest your goals in your life.

Do not FEAR following your vision... or finding your purpose... stay positive and be intentional until you have everything you want in this life!!

2. DISCIPLINE… Discipline is not EASY, but neither is anything else that is of value…

Choose Discipline because the latter is chaos and chaos lead to chaos, not success!! The opposite of chaos is “order” and order is necessary for your brain to manage clutter. Clutter is excessive noise, which is a major life limiter because it leads to procrastination and excuses. Whoah, that was a lot to follow, so here is a simple way to look at it:

  • LIMITER: Chaos --> Chaos --> Clutter --> Procrastination --> Excuses

  • GROWTH: Positive Thoughts --> Clear Intention --> Discipline your Daily Habits

Finally, in order to eliminate this 'wasteful noise' you MUST discipline your habits... daily habits!

Point One – Develop a Morning Routine!!

My definition of DISCIPLINE… giving up immediate satisfaction for long term gain… the question I get from most, where should I start? Simple, DISCIPLINE one area in your life and the best place to start is in the morning. You should begin by creating a morning routine that requires, at minimum, the first 20-30 minutes of your morning. Here is what I do:

  1. Meditate on my visions, goals and purpose for 15-20 minutes

  2. I listen to goals & motivational videos that place emphasis on topics such as discipline, purpose, toughness, etc…

  3. I engage in a 75-90-minute vigorous training session

Point Two – You have to TRAIN… DAILY!!

The second place to learn discipline is by training (i.e. working out). Building consistency within your training regimen teaches you discipline. Motivation, an emotion, is short-lived and you will NOT be MOTIVATED 100% of the time. In fact, I would argue that you will be motivated less than 50% of the time. By remaining consistent with your regimen, regardless of your motivation status, you will teach yourself discipline while building toughness, health, confidence and grit.

What separates the people who achieve results is that they show up consistently and push themselves through failure, daily.

When you are willing to push yourself through struggle you change your mentality and this leads to success in all aspects of life.

3. GOALS WITH A PLAN… Bob Proctor says, “I treat winning and losing exactly the same. I see them both as necessary steps to get us where we are going. Big failures equal big lessons and little failures equal little lessons.”

Whatever it takes for you to achieve your goals you need to be willing to do it. STOP blaming others for YOUR lack of willingness to sacrifice in the short-term. You will not only FAIL to achieve your goals but you will become WEAK! There is nothing more cowardly than someone making excuses for their own missteps and failures.

Failure NEVER happens if you keep going, if you get back up, if you do not waiver from the ultimate GOAL and you keep pushing forward.

Failure is something that is reached by your lack-of-mentality to persevere over adversity and challenge. Frankly speaking, you are weak and you quit when it gets challenging.


You have the capacity to do ANYTHING in your life but your self-limiting beliefs are developed in childhood based, truthfully, on non-reality… because self-limiting beliefs are not based on reality. Change your beliefs to reprogram your life and do this by doing the following:

  1. Increase your expectations of yourself!

  2. Define your Purpose in life… be as specific as possible!

  3. Write down what you want in your life… what you want out of life… be as specific as possible!

  4. Start your morning, every day, by reading your purpose/goals with positive visualizations!!

  5. End your day, the very last thing, by reading your purpose/goals with positive visualizations!!


Thank you for reading! For questions please email me at to discuss.

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