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The SECRET to Training… the SECRET to Life…

Updated: May 11, 2023

Influencers, coaches, psychologists, doctors, mentors, professional athletes, pastors, priests, educators, business professionals and many more will try to tell you how they have found the secret to their success, or life, in something. The key to that something is usually linked to a cost, a financial cost. Well, this blog is to tell you that this is all a lie!

Fitness has a new fad that comes out every few years that claims to be the next quick fix, the next best thing! The participants get motivated, push themselves really hard, get results and then… fall off the band wagon and often lose those results. Was the fitness modality the reason for the success or was it the fitness participants effort, intensity, consistency and motivation that lead to the results?

Business professionals will sell you a product/service that will revolutionize your business and your life. The product/service is guaranteed to make you a millionaire and in fact, will do so in record time. The marketing campaign strikes an emotional attraction from you and then you buy in! Your effort, intensity, consistency and motivation are at an all-time high and you achieve results, but was it the product/service or was it you?

In fitness there is no secret pill, program nor service. The SECRET to FITNESS is YOU! No diet, workout program nor coach can achieve results for you, you have to do it yourself.

Become consistent and your program will work. Be disciplined with your nutritional choices and you will not be obese. Stop blaming everyone else for your lack of results when your intensity is garbage.

When your program calls for 12 reps do you choose a weight that you can do for 18 reps? When your reps are supposed to be controlled do you do them fast because the muscular burn is painful and you just want to get it done? You see, no one can make you do things correctly just like no one can provide you with results. You and only YOU can achieve results just like you and only YOU can fail achieving results. Every choice is a sacrifice and the more you sacrifice the greater the potential return!

In life there is no secret pill, product nor service. The SECRET to LIFE is YOU! I have never found a successful man or woman who has wealth without making personal sacrifices.

The sacrifice comes by them choosing something more challenging and less convenient to them. Once that choice was made they remain steadfast and consistent to see it through to the end.

You see, there is no magic pill, it is just your ability to remain consistent on the given choice. If you want to be successful in life be willing to make difficult choices and work consistently and vigorously until you have achieved the final results.

Do you see where I am going with this? In life, the only commonality of the ultra-successful is that they take ownership of themselves; they rely on themselves; and they are willing to make large sacrifices because they trust themselves.

In truth, there is no SECRET in life nor is there a SECRET in fitness… it is and will always be reliant on YOU!

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This is 100% true also to play along it its easy to have a victim mindset. The mind wants to go to a place of comfort. I use to always wonder why people had the same outcome no matter what they changed. Changing schools or even moving to a different state it seems like they always end back at their equilibrium. This is why I’ve found that the most important change happens internally and then your tangible outcome follows. Conversely, if you never change internally and your depressed, unmotivated that will be your tangible outcome.

Finally, it is important to not with the existing knowledge above that simontaniously if you are waiting for a outcome (maybe getting that job or…

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